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Here are all the Refill resources you’ll need to help you on your way to setting up a Refill scheme or becoming one of our wonderful Refill Champions.

Refill Schemes Resources

If you’ve signed up to be part of a local or national Scheme, log in here to access your Scheme resources.

Man adding a refill station window sticker

Refill Station Resources

As a Refill Station you are helping power the Refill Revolution, and making it easier for everyone to Refill, and live with less plastic.

Get everything you need to let everyone know they can Refill at your station, and which types of Refill you offer. You can download our resources yourself, or order your print materials – including a window sticker – below. Happy Refilling!

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Everything your University needs to know about getting involved with the Refill campaign.
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Got a question?

If you’ve got questions about what Refill is, how to sign up a Refill Station or how to set up your own Refill Scheme then we’re here to help.

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Loop joins the Refill Revolution

Loop joins the Refill Revolution

Big news! We’ve teamed up with ‘Loop’ and we’re proud to announce that you can now find Refills at Tesco’s and McDonalds on the Refill app.

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Summer of Refill

Summer of Refill

With lockdown restrictions easing and shops, pubs and restaurants reopening across most of the country, we’re excited for a Summer of Refill.

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