Announcing our partnership with Ocean Bottle, supporting the Refill campaign

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Ocean Bottle, a reusable bottle brand who shares our mission to stop plastic pollution at source. As our reusable bottle partner, we’ll work with Ocean Bottle on a whole systems approach to the prevention of single-use plastic. Aside from championing the Refill campaign, Ocean Bottle are also working with us on our political advocacy work and supporting our Refill Communities.


Through this partnership, Ocean Bottle will be supporting our Refill campaign as the official reusable bottle partner. We share a commitment to stopping plastic pollution at source and provide refillable solutions, preventing the need for single-use bottles. Together, we can demonstrate the value of tackling the plastic problem with a whole systems approach, shedding light on the problems and solutions both up and down stream. 

City to Sea is an incredible organisation, truly aligned with our mission at Ocean Bottle to turn the tide on ocean plastic. By joining forces, we’re amplifying our impact and empowering brands, individuals, and communities to make a difference when it comes to refilling and reusing. It’s a privilege to be their reusable water bottle partner – I can’t wait for what’s ahead!

Will Pearson

Co-Founder, Ocean Bottle


Ocean Bottle tackles plastic pollution through two avenues that fit perfectly into one model. To empower refill and reuse they produce reusable drinkware that’s designed to last. Then, Ocean Bottle uses revenue from sales to collect plastic in heavily polluted coastal regions. By working with their plastic collection partners, such as rePurpose Global, Ocean Bottle clean rivers, beaches and ocean-bound community environments that suffer from an overaccumulation of plastic pollution.


Through our partnership with Ocean Bottle, we’re excited to learn more about Ocean Bottle’s waste plastic collection schemes and the positive impact of this work as a downstream solution. We’ll be able to contribute to the collection of plastic waste, and learn more about the impact this environmental crisis has on ecosystems and livelihoods. Similarly, as any knowledge-sharing partnership goes, Ocean Bottle will also benefit from our up-stream expertise, specifically with Refill in nation-wide campaign activations, political advocacy and systemic change. Together with both organisations working side by side, we can tackle the deep rooted crisis of single-use plastic pollution head on.


Partnering with like-minded, purpose-led organisations amplifies our global impact, through knowledge sharing and taking advantage of this new found, collective voice. By pooling resources, expertise, and networks we can reach wider audiences and implement more comprehensive solutions in mitigating single-use plastic pollution. Therefore, through this partnership, we are collaborating and utilising our efforts more effectively, in order to maximise our impact. Plastic pollution and single-use, convenience buyer behaviour is a complex issue but the solutions don’t have to be and our partnership with Ocean Bottle will support discontinuation of single use drinkware, whilst funding the collection of plastic waste from those regions most burdened by its pollution.

We’ve got lots of exciting plans underway and we can’t wait to share them over the next few months – in the meantime, if you’d like further information on Ocean Bottle and their work, take a look at their website here.

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