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It all started with a bottle

When Refill launched, our mission was to help the UK fall in love with tap water and to stop plastic pollution at source by making it easier to Refill than buy a plastic bottle. And we did just that!

Now, we’re taking the Refill app to the next level to become the world’s first global app to connect you to places to eat, drink and shop with less waste. And that calls for some amazing new products to make refiling on-the-go even easier.


We’ve got everything you need to ditch single-use plastic.


The Refill X Chilly’s Bottle has a modern and stylish design, combining the convenience of a plastic water bottle, with the high-performance technology and eco-friendly benefits of a traditional flask.

For every Refill x Chilly’s product purchased, Chilly’s will give £10 to City to Sea to power our planet protecting campaigns.

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Circular&Co. are pioneers of Circular Design. Since 2003 they have been creating circular products because they know it’s a sustainable solution to righting our global wrongs. They firmly believe that the world needs change, and people, communities and companies must create it.

For every Refill x Circular&Co cup purchased, they’ll donate £5 to fund the Refill Campaign.

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Chilly’s Food Pots are back! And now we have the Refill X Chilly’s food pot added to our collection.

With improved insulation, Chilly’s Food Pots make for more sustainable, money-saving and tastier meals on the go. The Refill X Chilly’s Food Pot will keep your food hot or cold for up to 6 hours, perfect for soups, salads, fruit or hot porridge on a chilly morning commute.


Our compact double-walled Refill X Chilly’s coffee cups will maintain the temperature of your drink on the go and help end the waste from single-use coffee cups.

Chilly’s are currently making some exciting changes to their coffee cups and will be ready to reveal them to you in 2021.

Watch this space to be the first to complete the collection.

Want to live with less plastic?

You’ve come to the right place! We’ve curated a collection of our favourite plastic-free products to help you find the basics  and inspire your friends and family to do the same.

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James Butterfield, Founder and CEO at Chilly’s Bottles

“We at Chilly’s are so proud to support City to Sea and their award-winning Refill campaign. Not just satisfied with fighting the war on plastic bottles, Refill Refreshed is expanding to promote reusables everywhere and we are really excited to be able to help them further with our new Refill x Chilly’s Food Pot and our upcoming Refill x Chilly’s Coffee Cup – perfect for breakfast and lunch on the go. As always, £10 for each Refill purchase on our website will be donated to this amazing campaign so sign up and get refilling today!” 

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Dan Dicker, CEO & Founder at Circular&Co

“We are delighted to be partnering with Refill to help champion their Refill Revolution. The days of carefree consumption are over, and now more than ever we all need to adopt a refill and reuse lifestyle. Backed by our reusables which are manufactured from waste, designed for longevity and fully recyclable, together we can close the loop and eliminate the very concept of waste.”  

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Prevent plastic pollution with our other campaigns

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Plastic-Free Living

Whether you’re a zero-waste hero, or you’re just starting your journey towards plastic freedom, we’ve got you covered from the bathroom to the garden.

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Reusables on the Menu

If you’re a business looking for advice and support on how to safely offer reusables to your customers during COVID, we’re here to help.

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Stop PPE plastic pollution

The global coronavirus pandemic has created a new and completely unprecedented problem – the littering of personal protective equipment (PPE).


We want to harness the innovation and creativity of brands and product partnerships to give people ways to live with less plastic. If you’re a business developing plastic free product alternatives, developing innovative uses of waste plastic or redesigning the delivery of products via circular supply chains. Together we can turn around the damage of our throwaway culture. Find out more about our partnership with Chilly’s or get in touch to see how we can work together.