Why Refill?

Every year around the world we create more than 300 million tonnes of plastic – and half of this is single-use use. One of the worst offenders are plastic bottles, with a million of them sold every minute around the world–a figure that’s expected to grow by 20% by 2021.

Here in the UK, not only does our ‘lunch on the go’ habit generate 11 billion items of packaging waste a year, but we get through a whopping 2.5 billion coffee cups each year –enough to stretch around the world roughly five and a half times!

The Refill campaign has already prevented over 100 million pieces of plastic at source so we know we have the power to create a wave of change. By connecting people to places they can shop, eat and drink without the pointless packaging, we’re helping prevent plastic pollution and making ‘reduce, reuse, refill and repeat’ the new social norm.

 In the UK, we’re lucky to have some of the highest quality drinking water in the world. Shockingly, a recent global study of bottled water brands found tiny plastic particles (microplastics) in over 90 per cent of samples. That’s enough to make anyone reach for their reusable bottle and start refilling!

6 reasons to join the Refill Revolution

reduce plastic

Refill connects people to places they can eat, drink and shop without the pointless packaging. So choose to reuse and help prevent plastic pollution at source.

Save Money

Find free drinking water on the go and businesses that offer discounts and rewards for choosing reuse over single-use.

It’s less hassle

The free Refill app connects you instantly to a global network of places to reduce, reuse and refill saving you precious time.

Measure your impact

Log your Refills to keep track of your individual impact, and see how the Refill Revolution is creating lasting change.

Combat climate change

It’s been estimated that plastic production and the incineration of plastic waste give rise globally to approximately 400 million tonnes of CO2 a year. So by choosing to reuse instead of single-use, you’re making the right choice for the planet too.

The Environment

The impact of plastic on our wildlife is becoming catastrophic – 100,000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 million seabirds are killed by plastic pollution annually.

Join the Refill Revolution

Together, we have the power to go packaging free and create long-lasting change in our communities.