The Refill Campus Award

Supporting universities to become a Refill Campus 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Refill Campus Award, supporting universities to tackle single-use plastic pollution. The programme builds on the success of Refill Destinations (local authority partners) and Refill Communities and will see Refill Campuses join these groups as part of our Refill Schemes portfolio. 

With a proven track record of supporting universities to integrate refill and reuse within wider campaigns and projects, the award will enable us to provide more in-depth support for those universities looking to take the next step in their sustainability journey. The goal of the programme is to empower and enable universities to make it easy for their students, staff and visitors to choose reuse over single-use and enhance their campuses and university experience.

Introducing our first Refill Campus

The Refill Campus Award requires a commitment from the university to tackle plastic waste with our expert guidance every step of the way. We celebrate the launch of the programme with the announcement that Bournemouth University have become the first Refill Campus, pledging to turn the tide on plastic pollution. The commitment to become a ‘Refill Campus’ is one that will see BU take steps to ensure that all of their buildings are single-use plastic free.  

The new accreditation sees the unveiling of eye-catching artwork on 45 of their water refill points making it easier for students and staff to find a free water refill and reduce their need to buy water in a single-use plastic bottle. This comes alongside a returnable cup scheme which has been launched across both of their campuses.  

Reducing disposable plastic waste is our Eco Campus goal and by becoming a Refill Campus with City to Sea we hope to encourage students and staff to refill their water bottles across campus and play their part in reducing our environmental impact.

Lois Betts

Sustainability Manager, Bournemouth University

We are committed to eliminating single-use plastics from our campuses. We know that this is not only key in terms of minimising waste and litter, but it is also essential as we play a wider role as custodians of the campus and collectively responsible for the local natural environment.  

Our vision is a not just a university free from single-use plastic – but one where Bournemouth University plays a leading role in bringing about regional action in tackling this persistent environmental problem.

Stephen Jones

Head of Facilities Management, Bournemouth University

Why should your university become a Refill Campus?

Universities looking to deliver on the sustainability objectives, tackle scope three carbon emissions, enhance local and international reputation and upskill their staff and students in for a future in the green economy should work with us to become a Refill Campus. 

The support package builds on nearly ten years of experience and expertise in delivering our award-winning behaviour change campaign, Refill. We will guide universities through their journey by providing: 

  • Guidance on refill and return infrastructure so universities can tackle single-use plastics across their operations. 
  • Training, education and upskilling of staff and students for a transition to a green economy and a green future. 
  • A ready-to-use toolkit for refill campaigns and communications to make refill and reuse visible across campus and further afield. 
  • Data insights and monitoring to measure impact, success and identify areas for improvement. 

At the core of the Refill Campus Award are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We know how important these are for universities and the Refill campaign addresses these, with a particular focus on: 

It’s time to ditch single-use and become a Refill Campus 

We are so excited to be able to support universities to make their campuses cleaner and more sustainable for the benefit of their students, staff, visitors and campus wildlife. If your university is interested in becoming a Refill Campus get in touch with our Refill Community Co-ordinator.

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