Refill Manchester

— Launching soon!! —

There is more to Manchester than just football, as us Mancs/honorary Mancs know, it is a city united. We’re the bee’s knees and have a history of wins that make us stand out from the crowd (and not just for football either!)

We’re a landlocked city that has a lot to do with water. OK, so it rains ‘a bit’, but we’re also the home to the first Industrial canal (Bridgewater opened in 1761), have at least seven rivers flowing through and in 1894 became Britain’s third biggest port despite being 40 miles inland. When it comes to water, or anything for that matter, we don’t do anything by halves.

Refill is a campaign to get free tap water available throughout the country. So far it hasn’t had that big of a presence in the North but it is coming. As of mid-2018, Bristol has over 400 Refill Stations and London has “a lot” (to be fact checked! LOL)…even Sheffield is on the march to beat our southern friends. And this is where a bit of friendly competition comes in with the launch of Refill Manchester. I think that with all that Manchester has done and can do, this is another race that we can win!

Let’s get more Refill Stations than them both put together! (I don’t know whether we have more than them both, but let’s see!) Are you with me?!

Oh OK, in all seriousness, it’s not just about the winning (although that would be proper mint!), it is about saving money for our amazing Greater Manchester residents and visitors when out and about by giving access to free tap water on every corner. Refill Manchester will also help us with drastically reducing single use plastic bottles that go to waste every day, (honestly, have you seen how many there are just at the tip of the Rochdale Canal on Great Ancoats Street?!) and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

So let’s come together and do this for Greater Manchester! Let’s get free tap water for our amazing people everywhere around our brilliant region!

Here’s to Refill Manchester! A Greater (Manchester) kind of Refill scheme.

Join Refill Manchester

To set up your own community scheme where you live, get in touch with Regional Coordinator Sarah on [email protected] who will set you up with what you need to get you going and keep you going!

If you would like to sign up as a Refill Station, then download the app, sign yourself up and get in touch with [email protected] to arrange to get your free window sticker and some social sharing on @refillmcr (find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)


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