Refill Cardiff

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Cardiff City’s Refill campaign is funded by the Welsh Governments Levelling up fund and run by Cardiff Council’s Love Where You Live and Waste teams in partnership with FOR Cardiff, Cardiff’s Business Improvement District (BID).

Refill Cardiff aims to increase the number of water refill points available to the public within the city, to help encourage a move away from single use plastic and towards re-use. We will achieve this by installing fountains ourselves and by signing up more businesses to be Refill stations. We have so far installed three new public water fountains within the city centre, funded by the Welsh Government levelling up fund. One in Cardiff Market and two within Bute Park. We have also held multiple outreach events to promote these fountains to the public, as well as the wider Refill scheme. At these events we have handed out over 400 free water bottles to the public to help them with their Refill journey. In March a Refill volunteering day was held in which 57 businesses were signed up to the Refill scheme.

Why is preventing plastic pollution important to Cardiff?

All the teams involved in Refill Cardiff are invested in preventing plastic pollution in our city.

Love Where You Live and the Waste teams are committed to reducing litter and plastic pollution across Cardiff. They work on projects with residents and businesses to both to reduce litter and to ensure any plastic that is used is recycled. Our teams believe that by supporting the public to think about their plastic use and by encouraging re-use that we can start to reduce the pollution that affects our communities and environment. We have multiple strategies that align to achieve our goal of becoming a circular economy, including the One Planet Cardiff, the Recycling Strategy for Cardiff 2022-2025 and our upcoming Litter and Fly-tipping Prevention Plan.

FOR Cardiff as the BID for the city centre works to deliver improvements for the city centre businesses and the wider community. As part of FOR Cardiff’s business plan, they’ve committed to exploring ways to improve water refill facilities in the city centre and continue to support businesses on waste reduction initiatives. FOR Cardiff also fund a cleansing team within the city centre and see the Refill scheme as an opportunity to further improve the local environment and reduce pollution.

If you’re looking to start a Refill Scheme, we’ve got a guide to help you get started.

Getting involved is easy!

If you are a resident or visitor of Cardiff why not download the Refill App to find your nearest refill stations and start stacking up those refills and reducing your plastic consumption!

If you are a business who is interested in becoming a refill station, then find more information on how to do this here.

If you are interested in litter picking to reduce plastic pollution within Cardiff then you can find any upcoming events here, and if your interested in becoming a Litter Champion you can find more information here.