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Refill Rotherham

Taking its name from the River Rother, Rotherham is a South Yorkshire town with a long and storied industrial history. Ever modernizing, this large market town is looking to clean up its streets and reduce it impact on the environment.

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Don’t be a t*sser: How to reduce littering with effective signage

We’ve put together a guide on how to reduce littering with signage, to prevent plastic pollution that has greatly increased.

Alternatives to single-use plastic

Guidance for food and drink businesses on the alternatives out there to single-use plastics.

Hot & Hydrated: 5 ways to handle a heatwave

Did you know, according to experts at the University of Nottingham it is estimated that producing a single one litre plastic bottle of water requires seven litres of water?!

The plastic impact on our oceans

Plastic pollution is damaging the health of our oceans. Let’s not allow this to continue happening.