How to handle the heatwave, with Refill

With the Met Office recently issuing a Level 3 Amber heatwave alert, Brits are being urged to keep cool and stay out of the sun. Here are some useful tips to save water and keep hydrated.

Did you know, according to experts at the University of Nottingham it’s estimated that producing a single one-litre plastic bottle of water requires seven litres of water?! With the Met Office issuing a Level 3 Amber heatwave in the UK, it’s crucial we all do our part to help reduce water consumption while keeping cool and hydrated.

According to Water UK ‘companies are seeing demand rise above the usual summer increases by as much as 30% in some areas.’

While only a few parts of the country are having hosepipe bans, here are 5 ideas to help cut back your water consumption.

Drink Responsibly 

 Seven Litres is enough water to keep you going for at least a few days, unfortunately, it’s only enough to produce a single one-litre plastic water bottle. Our first tip to conserve your water is all about (you guessed it) refilling! Carry your reusable bottle and avoid getting caught in a situation where you need to buy a plastic bottle. In the UK we’re lucky to have some of the best quality tap water across the globe, so let’s use it for drinking and not making more plastic. Find your nearest Refill Station here.

Keeping clean 

Showers are a much more efficient way of washing than a bath. In fact, the average shower uses 40 litres less water than a bath. You can also have slightly shorter showers to go the extra mile. When you brush your teeth, remember to turn the tap off while you brush.

Water play 

We’re big believers in having fun so we still encourage water fights! Just take them down to the beach and instead of relying on a tap, use sea water instead.


This is a big one for all you garden lovers. There is nothing worse than seeing all your hard work shrivel up and die after a day in the sun. Even if you are watering your garden in the morning or evening, the heat can dry it up in a matter of hours. 

Here are 5 cheap and easy solutions for slow release watering of potted plants. You can also place clay Ollas around your garden if you’re not a pot person. As for your lawn, they’re a lot tougher than you think and don’t need constant watering.

Words from the wise 

Finally, remember to look to your local water company for more tips and advice on how to conserve water. They work on this stuff every day and have lots of useful information you can access. You’ll also find helpful articles from the likes of The Guardian and BBC.

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Metal bottle in hand: Photo by William Bayreuther on Unsplash

Shower Head: Photo by Abigail Lynn on Unsplash

Beach: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Watering Can: Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash