Add a Refill Station

Want to sign up as a Refill Station on the Refill app?

If you’re a business with a publicly accessible tap, then it’s super simple to add yourself to the map! We currently have over 7,600 shops, cafes, bars and restaurants on our app. We’d love you to join them – here’s how:

  1. Download the Refill app
  2. On the home screen (the map), locate your business on the map, then press and hold the screen over where you want to add the Refill Station.
  3. Click on ‘Create at this location’
  4. Fill in your details and add a photo
  5. Finish by clicking ‘Add station’ and you’re all set to welcome in refillers for a free top up! We’ll approve your Refill Station within a matter of hours.

The rules? We don’t allow people to add their houses but offices can be added if there is a publicly accessible tap available!