Add a Refill Station

Sign up as a Refill Station on the Refill app

If you’re a business with a publicly accessible tap, then it’s super simple to add yourself to the map! We currently have over 10,000 shops, cafes, bars and restaurants on our app. We’d love you to join them – here’s how:

  1.  Download the ​free app here
  2. On the home screen (the map), locate the new Refill Station on the map, then press and hold the screen where you want to add the Refill Station. If you don’t own this business, we encourage you to seek permission first.
  3. Include the organisations details such as the website and social media handles to help promote the business.
  4. We ​do ask that you include a great photo!​ The business may have on you can use already. Otherwise, use your phone to take a clear, landscape (phone tipped sideways) image.
  5. We then moderate them, which can take a couple of days.
  6. You will have a new Refill Station in your community!

The rules? We don’t allow people to add their houses but offices can be added if there is a publicly accessible tap available!