Refill East Leeds Rural

The Refill East Leeds Rural scheme has been put together by a small group of local residents who have recently completed their first ‘Plastic Free July Challenge’. Everyone found that once their eyes were opened to the amount of single use plastic, particularly bottles and straws, that are used and thrown away every single day it is hard not to want to do something about it! That’s where Refill came in. By becoming Local Champions and raising awareness we can help to protect our local area and encourage people to go back to drinking tap water and using a reusable water bottle.

In a beautiful rural area like ours it is horrible to see plastic pollution everywhere you turn. So we are teaming up with Yorkshire Water (and their scheme, Yorkshire on Tap), Selby District Council, the local Parish Council and many local businesses to promote Refill and change the way people view water in our area. Water is a resource that we are all lucky enough to have access to, we can fill our bottles up whenever we like so why are we still buying hundreds of plastic water bottles every day?

If you are interested in getting involved or signing your business up then please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages or contact Rachel Turner or Sally Harvey (contact info on both pages or email [email protected]).

Photo credit: Les Liddle

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