Refill Altrincham

On the map since well before the thirteenth century, today Altrincham is the epitome of the modern market town, boasting high quality shopping, a growing reputation for excellent food and drink, a strong leisure sector and a revitalized market as relevant to the local community now as it was in 1290 when it first received its Charter.

It is a town with a strong cultural heart, where there is plenty to do and always something going on from live music to seasonal festivals, themed markets and sporting events.

Altrincham’ s rich heritage makes it a rewarding town to explore, with plenty to discover away from its main streets, with leafy squares, buildings steeped in history and hidden courtyards all there to be explored.

Launching in Altrincham town center in Summer 2018, Refill is a national, practical tap water campaign that aims to make it easy, convenient and cheap as possible to fill up your water bottle by introducing refill points on every street.

Participating cafes, bars and other businesses simply add a pin to the map via the Refill app and pop a sticker in their window – alerting passers-by to the fact that they’re welcome to pop in and fill up their bottle for free.

Be part of Refill Altrincham

We would welcome any suggestions for Refill stations in our area! Costa Coffee, House and Tre Ciccio are already taking part in this campaign and we’d like to encourage more Altrincham businesses to get involved if you would like to sign up or learn more, contact [email protected]

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