Refill Oswestry

Oswestry is a friendly community-minded market town located in the North of Shropshire close by the English – Welsh Border. The market dates back to 1190 and today the town still retains its vital function as an award-winning market and shopping centre serving North West Shropshire and Mid Wales.

The legend of Oswald

Old Oswestry hillfort was built and occupied during the Iron Age (800 BC to AD 43) and is one of the best-preserved hillforts in Britain. The name Oswestry is thought to be a corruption of ‘Oswald’s Tree’ and the legend that Oswald the Christian King of Northumbria fought a great battle against the pagan King of Mercia – Penda. Oswald was defeated and killed in the battle. Penda – as a warning to others who might challenge his rule – dismembered Oswald’s body and hung his limbs on the branches of a tree – hence the name ‘OswaldsTree’.

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Joining the Plastic-Free Revolution

Oswestry needs to officially join the plastic-free revolution. Refill will make people feel comfortable asking for water and encouraging everyone to carry a reusable water bottle in order to prevent pointless plastic and we can put Oswestry on the map as a sustainably-minded town, where you can enjoy slow tourism and discover independent businesses selling local, organic, vegan, Fairtrade, second hand & upcycled ethical products.

Extinction Rebellion Oswestry & Borders believes we can save our world and all that live in it by working together.

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