Refill Skye

Broadford & Strath Community Company

Refill Skye aims to significantly increase the number of refill opportunities across the Isle of Skye & Raasay. We are committed to reducing litter, plastic pollution and single use packaging. We are working with residents, visitors and local businesses, community groups and charities to achieve our goals.

If you’re a business in Skye, find out how you can get involved in refill in the highlands…

Why preventing plastic pollution IS important to US?

In 2023 the number of cars crossing the Skye bridge rose by 11% during the peak tourist season, the number of vehicles heading to the island during the key tourism period last year increased by more than 50,000 to 496,753. In August alone, there were 229,000 crossings of the Skye bridge, with some days seeing the number of vehicle movements matching Skye’s population of over 13,000. So not only do we need to help residents to refill but also the many visitors we have here, many of whom are buying bottled water everyday.


We are asking businesses to sign up to the Refill App, and we will be promoting the app to visitors and residents to find the many places they can refill not only their water bottles, but also find refill shops, and refill takeaways!

Reduce, reuse, refill and repeat

Getting involved is easy!

Refill Skye is run by the Highland Community Waste Partnership Project Officers at Broadford & Strath Community Company.

Please contact [email protected] if you would like to know more or get involved.