powering the refill revolution in the town of hertford

Hertford Town Council looingk forward to local residents and visitors to Hertford enjoying the benefits of the Refill Scheme and actively reducing their plastic waste.

Hertford Town Council is committed to making our town greener and more vibrant which is why we have joined City to Sea’s Refill Destination Awards Programme. The Refill scheme is an excellent way of bringing together residents, visitors and the business community to do just that.

Why preventing plastic pollution IS important to US?

As a Town Council, Hertford is currently working on an Environmental Sustainability Strategy; we are committed to taking action and influencing a greener Hertford. Preventing plastic pollution is important to the Council and feeds into our plan to get closer to net zero, improving biodiversity and championing sustainability.

WHAT ARE we DOING already to tackle plastic?

Hertford Town Council works in partnership with other local authorities to keep our Town Centre streets clean, safe and litter free. As an employer, we encourage refillable bottles for water and reuseable cups for hot drinks but are looking forward to the Refill Scheme rolling out this behavioural change right across the Town.

WHAT we aim to do with the refill campaign in hertford

Our emerging Environmental Sustainability Strategy includes the Refill scheme which is a key component of our mission: “We will work together with the people of Hertford to make our town even more vibrant, green and inclusive. A historic town that is ready for tomorrow.” We will be monitoring the uptake of the Refill scheme closely and look forward to seeing our Refill stations being used on a daily basis.

If you’re a business in herTford, find out how you can get involved in refill …


Refill Hertford will be launching at Hertford Eco Fest in September. This new event aims to raise awareness amongst as many people as possible of the small changes we can all make to reduce our carbon footprint and save money.

It will be held at Hertford Castle on Sunday 22nd September, as part of a two-week programme of Hertford town wide sustainability events.

Visitors will be able to enjoy a variety of fun activities, music, and food and drinks stalls will feature alongside information and education around money-saving ideas and carbon reduction. This event seeks to engage the whole town in a necessary and positive communal purpose.

Getting involved is easy!

We welcome all local residents and visitors to Hertford to support the Refill scheme by downloading the Refill app and using the various refill stations across the town. We will be encouraging individuals and local community groups to get on board with the scheme, making it part of their daily lives to use a refillable bottle for water. 

Please contact [email protected] to find out more or get involved!