Refill Chester is run powered by volunteers from Sustainable Chester who are passionate about protecting the environment in their local community.

Breaking down barriers

Refill Chester has been pioneering the Refill Revolution for over 5 years! Beginning in Chester City Centre making drinking water more accessible to residents and visitors alike, they have now expanded to other regions, now spreading their mission far and wide across many parts of Cheshire.

Working with local cafes and businesses, Refill Chester has been engaging the local community by helping them to overcome some barriers that can be faced when refilling – such as feeling embarrassed, nervous or uncomfortable when asking for free water refills. They organise events and encourage residents to carry a water bottle with them wherever they go so that they can use the many Refill Stations in the region instead of buying bottled water.

Meet Helen, who helps power Refill Chester along with many other incredible volunteers:

If you’re looking to start a Refill Scheme, we’ve got a guide to help you get started.


Engage with your family and friends to make sure they carry a refillable bottle with them when they are out and about… Check out the extended Refill options on the app which is no longer just about water but shows you where you can get coffee and food refills as well as zero waste and packaging-free shopping options.

Become a volunteer or get in touch with Refill Chester:

 [email protected]

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