Local Refill heroes in Wales

With the news that shops can reopen, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate some of the amazing local businesses who have gone above and beyond to serve their community during this crisis.  

Showing our Refill heroes some love

We want to show some love to those Refill Stations who have had to adapt their businesses and worked long hours to provide for their customers, those who continue to be kind to the planet in the midst of a global pandemic, and those who have really made a difference to our lives under lockdown. 

If you’re looking to start a Refill Scheme or add your tap to the map, find out how to get involved.

The Station in Coychurch, Refill Bridgend

Tell us about your local hero business

The Station in 
Coychurch that had only recently opened before lockdown, and are committed to reducing plastic and other waste. They aim to be a refill station for grains and pulses, as well as other food as soon as possible. 

What have they done for your community during lockdown?  

  • Continued to supply their freshly sourced fruit and veg boxes for the local community that hugely reduces plastic waste.  
  • They supported other local businesses and raised money for NHS PPE: “Each week we will feature a local business which will include crafts, foods, gifts and more. These items can be added to your fruit and veg boxes & a donation from each purchase will go directly to the Design & Technology department of Cardiff High School who are currently in the process of making life saving PPE visors for the NHS.” 
  • Beth and Jess donated fresh fruit and veg to the Talbot Community Centre in Pyle, Bridgend for vulnerable residents to benefit from. 
What would you like to say to these amazing local business owners?

The Station Coychurch: Facebook, Instagram.   Refill Bridgend: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

“Jess and Beth have been a breath of fresh air for Coychurch and Bridgend as a whole. They’re not only committed to reducing plastic and helping us all buy and produce less waste, they want to help the local community eat fresh, support other local businesses and create a warm, friendly hub for people to meet and have a coffee and homemade cake. Considering they only just opened before lockdown, they have risen to the challenge and gone above and beyond to raise money for the NHS, and donate fresh fruit and veg to vulnerable people across Bridgend. Diolch, The Station!”  

Awesome Wales, Refill Barry

Tell us about your local hero business

Our local Refill hero is Awesome Wales. Barry’s first zero-waste shop. 

What have they done for your community during lockdown?  

They have stayed open offering click and collect service as well as starting up a delivery service to those in the shielding groups. Their food produce and goods are always such high standards and despite the circumstances and being sometimes overwhelmed with orders they are always in high spirits. They were particularly kind to a care home in Barry who had not been able to source any flour. They dropped off 50KG of flour free of charge to the staff so the residence could have their crumble for pudding! 

What would you like to say to these amazing local business owners?

A massive thank you! Stuart and Amy have been a breath of fresh air for Barry since opening Awesome Wales. They have helped to broaden the plastic free community in Barry and we are so grateful for their service and commitment to their community throughout this pandemic.  

We want to hear from you!

Which Refill Station do you want to show some love to? Email [email protected] and tell us all about your Local Business Hero nomination explaining why they are so wonderful!