Today three new Refill Fountains are launching by Network Rail at Paddington & Reading Stations

The Refill team are happy to announce that water fountains are being launched today at both Paddington & Reading train stations. The fountains are part of the Refill Campaign. It’s being brought to life across the UK’s rail network, thanks to a partnership with Network Rail.

Over the past year, Refill has seen huge growth. Reaching 16,000+ Refill Stations and joining forces with the High-Street leaders, such as Costa, Premier Inn, Leon & Pret. Not to mention the thousands of incredible independent businesses signed up.

With over 16,000 Refill Stations you can find your fill today on most UK High Street’s. There truly is no excuse for single-use!

Studies show that as many as 36% of those who regularly carry reusable water bottles, still purchase single-use plastic bottles some times. The common denominator? Travel. As many as 43% of people buy plastic bottles when ‘at the airport’, and up to 36% when travelling by rail. So, naturally, with our partners, we have started work to change this.

It’s now becoming much easier to refill when travelling around. As easy as it is when popping out for a coffee in your local neighbourhood. If you’re travelling through Reading or Paddington in the near future, look out for the new Refill water fountains. And don’t forget to share your #refillrevolution on social media!

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