About Refill

Refill is a national, practical tap water campaign that aims to make refilling your bottle as easy, convenient and cheap as possible by introducing refill points on every street.

We know water fountains can be expensive to install and maintain, so now friendly cafes, shops, hotels and businesses are welcoming you in to refill your water bottle – for free! Refill is currently happening in Bristol, Cornwall, Dorset, Devon, Bath and Bradford-on-Avon with Brighton, Norwich and Hunstanton launching very soon!

How does it work? 

Participating cafes, bars, restaurants, banks, galleries, museums and other businesses simply put a sticker in their window – alerting passers-by to the fact they’re welcome to come on in and fill up their bottle – for free! Download the free Refill rewards app to see where you can Refill on the go, or add new places to Refill yourself!

Why carry a bottle with you?

Single-use plastic bottles are expensive to produce, use up valuable natural resources to make and transport and create mountains and mountains of waste once we’ve gulped down the contents. And recycling’s not the answer either, here in the UK an estimated 800 plastic bottles a MINUTE are either ending up in landfill or as litter, which will too often make its way into our waterways and out to sea. Read more about marine plastic pollution here. 

By buying a reusable water bottle you will also save yourself a small fortune and they often pay for themselves within a week going on to save you money with every free Refill from then on!

Who’s behind the campaign?

City to Sea launched Refill Bristol in September 2015 and there are now over 200 refill points across Bristol’s city centre. We then went on to receive funding from Geovation to help scale Refill up across the nation through our free app which rewards you for your Refills! City to Sea also licence other Refill schemes – find out how you can launch one in your area here!

The Refill campaign builds on Keep Britain Tidy’s ‘Bude Refill‘ brand, a project initiated by their Beach Care programme in 2014 to create a Bude Bottle and reduce plastic bottle pollution on Bude’s beautiful beaches.

Funds raised from bottle sales go to ‘Save Bude Seapool’ and so far the scheme has sold over 3000 bottles – that’s an estimated 300,000 single-use plastic bottles saved!

Remember to wash your bottle

Recent studies have found that many people aren’t washing their reusable bottles as often as they should. You don’t have to get carried away – just remember to wash them now and again. 🙂