Takeaway packaging: Navigating disposables & reusables!

Your reusable options

As public concern about plastic pollution grows, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of enquiries from the businesses we work with, the media and the public. The urge to find out more about single-use packaging and what the most sustainable options are has grown.

As a result, we’ve created this guide to help you understand more about the materials and end-of-life scenarios for a range of takeaway food and drink packaging.

The rise of the reusable

Packaging from takeaway food is a huge cause of plastic pollution. Items like coffee cups and takeaway containers are consistently in the top 10 polluting items found on beaches globally. The UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain are among the top 13 world consumers of takeaway food, with an expenditure of $9.9 billion in 2014, which was forecast to increase by 17% by 2019.

As an organisation, we always advocate reuse over single-use and believe we need to values its resources and understands the impact our takeaways are having on our planet.

Download the guide

We’ve created this FREE guide to support businesses in the food-to-go sector to reduce their single-use packaging.

What you’ll find in the guide:

  • The problems with plastics
  • Legislation
  • False solutions and alternatives such as bioplastics
  • Alternatives to bottled water
  • Waste and waste collection options
  • How to encourage reusables
  • Case studies and real-life business examples

The Refill campaign is growing

We’re expanding to become the one-stop-shop to find everything you need to live with less plastic. Using the free Refill app, you will soon be able to find out where to refill not just your water bottle, but also your coffee cup, lunchbox, groceries and even your cleaning products and toiletries.

Get in touch to find out how your business can get involved with the Refill campaign.