Sipple Hydration Stations… another way to refill and prevent plastic pollution!

This year the Refill campaign is on track to prevent 100 million plastic bottles from entering our waste steams by the end of 2019.

We use 1 million plastic drink bottles globally every minute. That’s a lot. To put it into perspective that’s another 100,000 by the time you get to the end of this sentence.  The bottled water market continues to grow with sales in the UK totalling a record of £558.4m in the last year, up 7% from 2017.

The UK has some of the best tap water in the world! We work to connect people everywhere to free tap water to avoid single-use plastic bottles, and are delighted to see more people than ever carrying reusable water bottles.

If large numbers are quitting bottled water to prevent plastic pollution, why are others are still buying them?


  • The introduction of the ‘sugar tax’ on juices and fizzy drinks (another reason to support City to Sea’s single-use plastic levy!)
    Beverage companies are investing in promotion of their bottled water to prevent revenue drops from their sugary drink ranges. In 2016, Coca Cola increased their bottled water sales significantly, with their Smart Water brand increasing 80%. In short, selling bottled water makes $$$!
  • Bottled mineral water is still on the rise because a large proportion of society have safety concerns over drinking tap water (59%)
    The distinction between bottled water and tap water consistently shows consumers can’t taste the difference, but we know there’s a strong consumer drive for people to want to drink ‘mineral standard’ water who buy bottled water regularly.

How does Sipple work?


  • It provides free unfiltered mains water, available at the tap of the screen.
  • You can use your own reusable water bottle to refill (or you can buy a Chilly’s bottle from the machine if you don’t have one).
  • If you don’t want tap water, the hydration stations also provide a bottled water equivalent. Purified, triple filtered, chilled water (Icy cold at 3 degrees), fully managed and maintained, at £0.35 for 500ml.

The best part is, installation and maintenance is completely free of charge! AND businesses will even get a cut of the profit from chargeable refills, through Sipple’s revenue share.

Lee Congden, Sipple Founder says “The biggest challenge Sipple faces is profit over planet, as initially businesses assume that we will be taking from their bottled water sales – which is massively profitable to them. Instead, Sipple is actually providing another revenue stream to businesses we partner with, through our revenue share programme.

Changing culture is hugely important and will take a while, especially for people to move away from the convenience of bottled water to carrying a refillable water bottle. That’s why we offer free water but also upgraded water that is icy cold and triple filtered, as we want to help everybody move away from buying water in plastic bottles. Once Sipple is all over the country the convenience of refilling will rival that of the convenience of buying bottled water.”

Airports, train stations, shopping centres and high streets: get your Sipple Hydration Station NOW, FOR FREE!

To encourage those who rely on bottled water to go plastic free, we need to give people a choice. We’re already making it easier to refill on the go with tens of thousands of taps listed on the Refill app but to tackle the UK’s use of bottled water we also a need Sipple Hydration stations up and down the country in high footfall locations like airports, train stations, shopping centres and high streets.


Get in touch with us today to have your Hydration Station installed, for free with no set up, installation or running costs (except your water supply to the station). You customers will appreciate your commitment to preventing plastic pollution and giving them access to water on-the-go.