The legendary Rob Greenfield paid a visit to Bristol as part of his European Tour, supporting the Refill movement.


From #TrashMe to cycling 4,700 miles ‘off grid’ across America, Rob is an adventurer, environmental activist, and a humanitarian.

It was such an honour to have Rob in town to visit us at Refill. Rob shared the stage with Natalie (City to Sea Founder), where we got to hear about his incredible story. We then took him out for a bit of Refilling fun including signing up new stations with Kurt. Kurt is leading #BristolCleanStreets a bike ride and River Clean along the Avon.

Even though it had been the #BigSpringBeachClean just days before, we still found a huge pile of single use plastic bottles to take away with us. By removing them from our beautiful waterways we’re helping to keep them clean.

Rob’s enthusiasm for the Refill movement inspired a fresh splash of energy for the team, pushing the Refill initiative in it’s fledgling days.

In collaboration with City to Sea’s Creative Director, Michelle, Rob decided to make a film supporting the work of Refill. We’re happy to share that with you, and the world.

Don’t bottle it up, let the world know about a move towards a plastic free future and let your friends know by sharing the video.

From the Refill team, a big thanks to Rob.

Originally published at on April 27, 2017.