Rob Greenfield joins the Refill movement!

The legendary Rob Greenfield recently came to Bristol as part of his European tour.

Think #TrashMe or cycling 4,700 miles across America using hardly any power! (other than his legs!)

It was such an honour to have Rob in town, and as well as speaking alongside him, where we got to hear about his incredible life, we took him out for a bit of Refilling. Signing up new stations with Kurt who is leading #BristolCleanStreets (and is a fab actor we learnt!) a bike ride and River Clean along the Avon.

Even though it had been the #BigSpringBeachClean just days before, we still found a huge pile of single use plastic bottles to film… and then take away with us afterwards.

Rob’s so inspired by the Refill movement, loving how it prevents plastic pollution at source!

He’s decided to make a film of it to put across his channels, he wants to get the word out to the world about Refill!

Michelle hosted Rob during his stay in Bristol, where he got to know of her photography and video making skills, so commissioned her to make one for Refill. With his videos topping 1 millions views her may get his wish of the world knowing about refill …

Thank you Rob!

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