Refill in the communities and working with local Councils. 

Here at Refill, we are a non-political organisation aimed at empowering communities and individuals to tackle single-use plastics at source. 

We’ve been very lucky to have worked with so many councils of all political persuasion all across the UK. We continue to celebrate the success that having them on board brings to the initiative. Local councils, of all sizes, are full of highly dedicated and passionate people driven to improve their local environment.  

We embrace all elected members to the Refill family, as they are valued local spokespeople, and shape council policy. They are also trusted and respected members of their local community. 

However, Refill is an independent campaign started by the Community interest Company City to Sea in 2015. Our main sponsorship comes from the member water companies of Water UK and product partners like the amazing Chilly’s bottles. 

Though councils have been really helpful with rolling out Refill across the country and some politicians have obviously been hugely supportive. This is not a Party-Political campaign. Any local election leaflets that claim Refill was created by them should be treated with a very big pinch of salt indeed. 


Gus Hoyt, 

Refill Programme Manager