Refill Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, and plastic pollution is one of the biggest dangers to the flora and fauna.

Refill Ecuador – protecting the Galapagos

It is estimated that in Ecuador, people consume more than one billion single-use plastic bottles every year. Thirty-three percent of the single-use plastic bottles end up in the Galapagos Islands, endangering the unique and valuable species present. Similar to the Galapagos, there are many more green spots in Ecuador endangered by the increasing plastic pollution. Therefore, the main motivation to work on prevention projects is to save our ecosystems and the local communities surrounding them. Refill Ecuador aim to change consumers’ behavior and generate a real impact in the reduction of plastic pollution.

If you’re looking to start a Refill Scheme, we’ve got a guide to help you get started.


Refill Ecuador is founded by and rolled out by Circular Foundation. In order to fight the problem of plastic pollution, Circular Foundation has engaged with projects and allies that work in the reduction of plastic pollution. Circular is implementing Refill in Ecuador in order to help combat unnecessary plastic packaging and to help maintain the incredible ecosystems.

So far, there are 15 Refill stations planned with many more on the way. Similar to other countries, Refill Ecuador are working closely with universities and students, the youth of Ecuador are committed to helping prevent single-use plastic at source. The Scheme is planning to officially launch the Refill project in February.

Every step is enormous when fighting against plastic pollution. Refill is an important campaign for all of us to call people to action and start changing the world, one bottle at a time!

Gabriela Jarrin, Fundación Circular

Getting involved is easy!

Coffee chains and restaurants that would like to join us are more than welcome! You can contact us through our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Webpage. The same applies to volunteers.