Refill 2.0 – an updated app and website

After kicking off in 2015, a lot has happened! Since we hosted our very first Refill map on Google Maps, we’re excited to share the most recent update of the app. And our new website is coming soon!

At Refill HQ we’ve been heads down, bottles up!

2018 has been a big year, not only for the Refill project but for the City to Sea team behind the campaign. Following our partnership with Water UK, the project has gone from [take deep breath here] a grass-roots, after-work, spare time, experimental extravaganza to a globally recognised, award-winning campaign reaching hundreds of thousands of individuals and communities across the UK and abroad.

It’s enough to make all our mums proud.

An overwhelming number of individuals have come together behind the Refill mission…

…of keeping water a democratic, easy to access resource, while dramatically reducing the pointless plastic making it into our oceans. Many organisations and businesses have also joined the movement. Standing side by side with City to Sea and Refill they’re actively supporting the campaign. Not just by spreading the message of Refill, but by taking action in their own communities.

Every day we’re inspired by the action people are taking. We applaud everyone who is making a difference in the name of Refill and more importantly our environment. 👏

We’re also happy to launch this, our new blog publication. It is a place to share many of the stories about what the Refill community is up to. To submit a story just direct message us on your chosen social media site. We’re always looking for keen contributors that are onboard with the Refill Mission.

Here at Refill we have a relentlessly positive attitude when it comes to solving some of the most serious and challenging issues of the 21st century. So it’s extremely exciting for us to share the most recent updates with our volunteers, our partners, and the people that accidentally clicked on this link.

The new website and app

As the Refill movement continues to grow across the country and the globe, the demands and needs being asked of the team have rapidly changed. After moving to a more agile way of working, everyone here at Refill has been thinking ahead to make Refill the easiest way for people to get water on the go, for free.

As part of this, we’re introducing a new website

One that clearly lays out not just what we’re doing and why, but how you can get involved. We’ve started to do this in a few ways.

  • Stripping back content — by stripping back content we’re able to focus visitors on the most important and most useful information.
  • Resources page — a new resources page (that will grow over time) will provide an up to date hub for key resources. It will serve a range of people from partners and press, to communities and individual advocates.
  • Refill Community — Finally, we’re introducing the new blog and community space on here, our website!

Explore the new website

Kindly created in collaboration with The Content Marketing Club, a creative duo that specialises in minimalist design and strategic storytelling to make every website work successfully for business and user.

An updated app

Our new and improved app will make it easier for people to find friendly local businesses where they can Refill for free. We’re improving some of its core functions, such as the map. Plus we have added a few extra features that we plan to continue improving on.

  • A handy bottle reminder — to make sure people don’t leave the house without their bottle.
  • Donate as you go — for every Refill made 13p will be donated to Refill by our generous partner Water UK. This reflects the 13m tonnes of plastic leaking into the world’s oceans each year to be ingested by sea birds, fish and other organisms.
  • A personal impact page — to measure bottles saved, carbon saved, and money raised.
  • 12,000+ Refill Stations — And the most important thing is an improved experience with our Refill Stations map!

Read more about the new app here

Download the latest app

While this marks a new chapter in the Refill story, we still have a long list of exciting ideas and concepts that we are itching to implement. Technology aside, at the core we believe our best bet is to invest in people in a way that is empowering to each of us as individuals and communities.

To celebrate this new chapter we invite everyone (yes, you too) to join us on September 27th for the first National Refill Day. We’re asking the UK public if they’ve got the bottle to stop plastic pollution at the source. Switch from a plastic bottle to a reusable one and Refill on the go using the free Refill app.

With love, ♥️

The Refill team 🚰