5 ways to take action this World Refill Day

There are so many ways to get involved – what will you do this #WorldRefillDay?

1. Choose to reuse

Say goodbye to single-use plastic and make small changes by switching to a reusable water bottle, trying a zero-waste shop or using a reusable coffee cup. 

2. Download the free Refill app

Download the free Refill app to find places to refill and reuse on the go. Can’t find a location near you? Sign up your favourite café, zero-waste shop or list a drinking water fountain. Get your favourite Refill Station on the map.

3. Make reuse the new normal!

In the wake of the pandemic, our habits have changed and we need to remind people that it’s perfectly safe to choose to reuse again. Help us make a splash on social media and remind everyone to dig out their reusable bottle again.

Share a selfie of you and your reusable bottle, cup or container and tell the world you’re taking action on plastics by choosing to reuse this #WorldRefillDay.

4. Tell big businesses to act.

Let your favourite brands know YOU want to see them do more to reduce single-use plastic by offering reusable options, tell them you want to #ChooseToReuse by calling them out on social media.

5. Show the good-guys some love!

Show some love to the amazing businesses that have been powering the #RefillRevolution by supporting them this #WorldRefillDay. Let the businesses not yet accepting reusables, or offering refill/reuse options, know you want to be able to #ChooseToReuse.

Join the Refill Revolution

Choose to reuse

Haven’t got a reusable cup or bottle yet?  

Check out the Chillys X Refill range – for every one sold, Chilly’s will donate £10 to City to Sea.

Take the Refill Pledge

Take the Refill Challenge and tell us what action you’ll take this World Refill Day. We’ll enter you into a prize draw for a chance to win some super Refill goodies. 

women in street smiling people, holding refill window stickers and bottle
Our mission and Vision

We’re on a mission to help people live with less waste. Our vision is a world where everyone can eat, drink and shop without the pointless plastic. 

Spread the word on social media

Make refill and reuse the new normal and remind your friends and family to choose to reuse again by making some noise on social media using the hashtag #WorldRefillDay.