Write to your local candidates, asking them to Step up for Reuse

This World Refill Day, we’re advocating for international legislative change, calling for legally binding reduction and reuse targets and asking for policy makers to support our Reuse Manifesto. We’re calling for the UK government to set legally-binding and time-bound targets to increase the amount of reusable packaging on the market. We’re calling for 5% of packaging to be reusable by 2026 and 30% by 2030.   

Will you step up for reuse and amplify our call for legislative change to help the transition from single-use to reuse? Write to your local candidate ahead of the general election to ask them to step up for reuse and support legally binding reuse targets.

Find your local candidates

Use the link below to enter your postcode and find your local candidates from the 7th June.

Open your emails

Open your email app or website and copy and paste your candidates email address(es) into the recipient field.

Compose your email

Use our email template below to write your message. We recommend that you personalise this by making it relevant to your local area and adding in your local candidates name. When you’re ready, press send.

Tell us you’ve done your part

Let us know you’ve emailed your local candidates and done your part, asking them to step up for reuse. Once you’ve sent your email click the button below so we can keep track of our collective impact this World Refill Day.

Email Template

Dear xxx, 

I’m writing to ask for your support ahead of the general election.  

Sunday 16th June is World Refill Day – a big opportunity for candidates to show they back a transition away from single-use plastic. 

Earlier this year, the UK’s largest plastic waste survey revealed that the country throws away almost two billion pieces of plastic packaging each week.

Recent research from City to Sea showed that 80 percent of Brits are taking action to reduce their use of single-use plastic and are willing to do more, but they can’t find alternatives where they shop.

Introducing more products in refillable and reusable packaging would make them more accessible for people to buy, which would radically reduce the amount of single-use plastic on the market.   

The general election is just weeks away. I’m writing to you to call on the UK Government to lead supermarkets and big brands towards reuse by setting legally-binding targets to accelerate the transition to reuse in the UK. 

We strongly believe that 30 percent of all packaging should be reusable by 2030, supported by further bans on unnecessary single-use plastic packaging.  

Will you show your support this World Refill Day and step up for reuse?  

You can pledge your support by emailing [email protected] with the words “I support legally-binding targets for reuse”. 

The campaign will then send you social media assets and template local press release that you can use ahead of World Refill Day on 16th, so everyone knows you back refill and reuse!

We are all counting on you. A reusable future is possible, but we need to act now. 

Yours sincerely,