The Problem with Plastic

8 million tonnes of plastic finds its way in the oceans each year (Dr. J. Jambeck et al).

Of course in Bristol plastic waste is not being dumped into the Avon or the Bristol Channel by waste management companies, but a significant amount of litter is entering the Avon, through the sewers, smaller rivers and storm drains.  They fall down storm drains in city locations, especially when bins are emptied.

Fish and birdlife are starving on a diet of plastic bottle tops and other plastics as demonstrated by the compelling film Midway.

We’ve all heard of the phase; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Often recycle is where the focus lies. Not with Refill, we’re going straight in at number 1. Reduce! By refilling bottles we take away the need for recycling, which in itself is a complicated process when it comes to plastics.

By refilling, we can make images such as these a thing of the past…