Refill Glastonbury

Glastonbury is well known for its sacred waters. We are fortunate to have access to the Red Spring at Chalice Well Peace Garden and the White Spring Water Temple at the foot of the Tor. Glastonbury’s springs and sacred sites attract many visitors and pilgrims all year round.

Refill Glastonbury came into being when Marisa Picardo was promoting earth-friendly prayer offerings. These prayer ribbons adorn many sacred trees around the town, yet are often made of synthetic nylon or plastic. In promoting the use of natural materials she came across the Refill Scheme and knew it could be launched successfully in the town. Mel West from Glastonbury Friends of the Earth has been working in collaboration with her since May 2018.

Through talking to the local community it became apparent that many people were already trying to reduce their plastic consumption and were keen to support the scheme. Mendip Town Council have committed to banning single use plastics from their premises as of April 2018 and we have made initial discussions with them for working in collaboration to endorse and promote Refill Glastonbury.


If you have a business or service and you’d like to sign up please contact: [email protected]

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