Refill Isle of Man

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The Isle of Man is only entire nation to be a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, recognising it as a special place for people and nature.

We cherish and take care of our unique and significant environment, wildlife and nature and want to reduce the impact plastics have on them.

By encouraging residents and visitors to Refill their drinking water bottles at participating premises, we at UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man hope to reduce the number of plastic bottles entering the environment.

Our scheme complements the Isle of Man Government’s Single Use Plastics Reduction Plan.

It supports the efforts of Beach Buddies, which for 11 years has set the standard globally for keeping the beaches clean, has 10,000 members of our community involved and has even received Royal recognition.

It also complements our partner Manx Wildlife Trust’s #ManxPlasticPledge campaign.


Photo credit: Janice Farnan

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