Queen Square Bristol has a new water fountain!

Bristol’s Refill movement took another step forward this month, as the city’s second free drinking water fountain was opened in Queens Square by Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol.

People of Bristol never need to be thirsty again! (or, buy bottled water to quench their thirst!)

Ali at Bristol Water has been so inspired by Refill she led the way to getting the fountain in place. A partnership between environmental consultancy Eunomia Research & Consulting Ltd, Bristol Waste, Bristol City Council, and Bristol Water made the new water fountain in Queens Square possible.

Its bespoke design was commissioned to satisfy water regulations and fit in with the historic setting of the public square, originally built in 1727.

This fountain and the one in Millennium Square support over 200 businesses in Bristol that have signed up to offer water for the public.

“We have been supporting City to Sea and the Refill campaign for a couple of years. It is great to see other cities, such as Birmingham and Brighton, starting up similar campaigns, but Bristol is leading the way with over 200 refill stations available,” said Ben Newby, Customer Services Director at Bristol Water.

He also added: “It is vitally important that people stay hydrated, especially in the summer months. Only about 4% of the 150 litres of water each person uses every day is for drinking.”

Environmental consultancy Eunomia offered to pay for the fountain, which is being installed near its head office in the North-West corner of Queens Square. Eunomia has completed several pieces of research into the sources of marine plastic and the solutions available to tackle the problem. It supports local initiatives as well as makes policy recommendations via its ongoing work with the European Commission and other stakeholders.

Dominic Hogg, Chairman of Eunomia, said:

“There’s a growing awareness of the problems created by littering and especially of plastics. As well as being an eyesore, littered bottles can find their way to our oceans where they slowly degrade, causing problems for wildlife and for us. Drinking water from disposable bottles is also needlessly wasteful. Every time a portable water bottle is refilled, we’re saving enough carbon to charge a mobile phone five times over. That’s why we’re using our company offset scheme to fund it.”

Tracey Morgan, Managing Director at Bristol Waste, added:

“We’re really pleased to support the work of our partners helping to reduce our dependence on single use plastic. Schemes like Refill Bristol can help transform consumer attitudes. Tap water is cheap and every bit as healthy as bottled water. Also, it doesn’t have the huge negative impacts on our environment.”

Key Facts

  • Branded bottled water costs 300 times more than tap water (per litre) on average
  • Only 8% of people say the prefer bottled water to tap water when at home
  • 600 square miles of plastic pollution covers the seabed in the North Sea
  • 8,000,000 tonnes of plastic waste enters the sea from land each year
  • 100,000 marine mammals and reptiles die each year because of plastic rubbish

Use the fountain, and when you do take a selfie with the hashtag  and share the Refill love!

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