Sugar Smart Bristol

We’ve teamed up with the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation to make Bristol Sugar Smart!

Working in partnership across the city to look at what we can all do at home, in schools, in work, shops, restaurants, cafes and takeaways.

Many of us are consuming too much sugar, and this is increasing levels of tooth decay, obesity and Type 2 diabetes.  Sugar provides ‘empty’ calories, which means it provides energy with no other nutritional benefit.

The recommendations are:

  • Swap sugary drinks for water, milk or herbal teas
  • Swap one sugary snack a day for fresh fruit or nuts or another low sugaralternative
  • Read the labels on food packets so you know how much sugar they contain

Cutting down on sugar can help us all feel better, have more energy and look after our health.

It can also save us money, why pay for a sugary drink when you can #Refill for free!

COMPETITION time: Win all these refillable goodies!

Rob Greenfield joins the Refill movement!