ReFILL Cornwall

ReFill Cornwall is an exciting community-focussed practical scheme focussing on keeping some of the worlds most beautiful beaches plastic-free.

ReFill began life in Cornwall. Launched in Bude by BeachCare and local resident Deb Rosser in 2014 and is now growing county wide. Beachcare has been joined by Your Shore Beach Rangers, Clean Cornwall, South West Water and the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

Cornwall is a county that prides itself for its beautiful coastline and beaches as well as the amazing conservation work that takes place all over the county by a number of different organisations and local marine conservation groups. We believe that together we have the power to roll out this disposable bottle-busting scheme into all Cornish communities.

ReFill has the power to reduce marine based plastic pollution and cut the carbon footprint associated with transportation. The scheme has also raised thousands of pounds for community groups in Cornwall through bottle sales.

To find out more, contact Neil. [email protected] and check out our Facebook page ‘Refill Cornwall’

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