Bradford on Avon

Refill Bradford on Avon was launched by the local volunteer-led Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon with specific help from their ‘Zero Waste Working Group’.

This historic town nestled in the Avon valley has been a hotspot over the ages from the Romans to the Victorians and is still a popular destination and pit-stop for many a walker, cyclist and countryside explorer.

Local sixth formers have contributed to the scheme through spreading awareness, volunteering on stalls, and designing their own local Refill ‘Pledge’ sticker to go on their reusable bottles. Though small, the scheme has actively promoted themselves at many a public gathering and have added over 20 Refill Stations – far exceeding their initial expectations.

Refill Bradford on Avon has demonstrated exactly what a small and dedicated group can achieve and the Avon thanks them for it.

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