Get the Refill App

Get our free Refill app to find businesses local to you that support our cause and will happily refill any water bottle you have handy. With over 10,000 Refill Stations across the UK refilling has never been easier (and friendlier!).

You can also earn points each time you refill to get a free gift to help you life a more ‘refillable life’ and more.

Can’t find any Refill Stations near you? You can add them and grow the Refill network! With permission from the shop or cafe owner, you simply take a photo of it, then tap the map where you want to add a Refill Station and follow the instructions! We’ve got over 30 official Refill Schemes around the UK now, but don’t let that stop you from adding more!

**UPDATE: We’re currently in the process of removing the need to create an account to view Refill Stations. You’ll still be able to log in if you want to earn rewards!** March, 2018

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